How do you prepare for an Interview?

Discussion in 'How-to' started by thisnthat, Mar 14, 2017.

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    Does going to a job interview make you nervous? What do you do to prepare yourself?

    When I was young, I got an interview with a big downtown firm, and I was scared to death. I had gone through a temp agency, and they gave me some tips.

    -Wear business appropriate but comfortable clothing (so you're not self-conscious and fussing with your clothes).
    -Limit your jewelry, make up, perfume, or cologne.
    -Look the interviewer in the eye.
    -Answer questions as completely as you can.
    -Be yourself.

    Do you have any tips or advice for people who are about to go on a job interview?
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    Nice tips! :D Whenever I go to a job interview, I always try to calm myself and not to be nervous so I won't stutter during the interview. I always wear a semi-formal outfit, not too casual and not too formal. I see to it that I answer the interviewer's questions correctly and in a formal manner, without stammering and as much as possible I want to be perkier and jolly as being myself and to lessen my tension as well :) It's also good if there's less to zero dead air or filler words (uhmmm, ah, hmmm) so you'll sound smart :)
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    Surely you will be edgy when in a job interview especially if the interviewer is the boss himself. It doesn’t matter if you have gone on a hundred interviews because the crux is the probability of getting hired – that’s what makes us nervous. However, I know that if you come very prepared for the interview, that nervousness will be greatly lessend. My take on interviews is to be prepared with the information about yourself. Some people couldn’t answer quickly when asked about his present job. Next is the vast knowledge of the position that you are applying for. It would be an advantage if you know very well the nature of the company’s business plus the senior officers particularly the president and the chairman. And lastly, know everything about yourself. Review if needed just so you will remember your school days, your first job and first employer, and some other information related to your professional life.

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